Understanding the contemporary security landscape is essential for governments, security and defence agencies, and corporations to successfully respond to today's crises and prepare for tomorrow's. Strategika Group's team of academics and subject matter experts has decades of experience in training, tertiary education, professional military education, executive workshops. and the development of bespoke knowledge packages for our busy clients.   

Strategika Group's philosophy and values underpin our commitment to the not-for-profit sector and helping communities in need. Strategika Group team members have strong backgrounds in the humanitarian, development, and social justice sectors and we have witnessed first-hand the importance of community engagement and the role of NGOs. Strategika Group is committed to supporting community groups and the not-for-profit sector through sponsorship, pro bono advice, and fundraising. Please contact us if you wish to discuss how we can assist your organisation.  


Geo-Political Risk and Commercial Security

Geo-political risk is on the rise. Governments and corporations are operating in an increasingly uncertain world in which "black swan" events are becoming commonplace. Navigating these local and global challenges requires in-depth on-the-ground knowledge, the ability to make connections where others are unable to, and a robust understanding of how international and local security dynamics impact the public and private sectors.  Our team has proven expertise in geopolitical risk and commercial security and have worked with regional governments, the United Nations, the Pacific Island Forum, multinational corporations and the extractive industry.

The challenges of working in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief contexts are acute, complex and fluid. Responding to these demands requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. The Strategika Group team has extensive on-the-ground expertise in developing all-of-government responses to humanitarian crises; national disaster management response plans; threat assessments; leading logistical support; and the monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian responses.  

Terrorism and Radicalization

Training and Education

Not For Profit and

Community Engagenment


Security Inteligence and

Cultural Analysis

National Security and Defence

​HADR and Security Responses

Transnational and

Organized Crime​

Transnational and organised crime is a dominant and destructive feature of the contemporary security landscape. It is sophisticated, aggressive, and a threat to stability and prosperity. Combating transnational and organised crime, including the nexus between crime and terror, requires both law enforcement  and development-oriented solutions. The Strategika Group team draw upon decades of specific transnational and organised crime practitioner and academic expertise in law enforcement investigations, intelligence, policy, and evidence-based research.    

Thinking beyond traditional solutions in the national security and defence sectors is vital to addressing contemporary and future security challenges. The Strategika Group team has extensive experience in finding innovative solutions and have undertaken national security needs analyses, facilitated interoperability between multinational security forces within United Nations missions; developed civil-military guidelines and mechanisms in post-conflict contexts, and provided sensitive and high-level advice, training and evaluation of defence force contingents prior to deployment.

Security and governance are under duress in vulnerable, fragile and conflict-affected parts of the globe. Weak and compromised security sectors, the rise of the private security industry, corruption and poor governance undermine stability, prosperity and human development. Strategika Group has extensive experience in security sector reform and development, and governance. Team members have worked at senior levels with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations Department of Political Affairs, United Nations Development Programme, regional governments, and the Pacific Islands Forum.   

Addressing the challenges and risks of today's security environment and preparing for the uncertainties of the future demands sophisticated and all encompassing security intelligence and cultural analysis. Strategika Group undertakes comprehensive data collection and analysis using OSINT methods to provide clients with the in-depth knowledge and insights to make the right decisions resulting in the reduction and mitigation of risk. Our team of analysts, investigators and academics are highly-skilled in the collection and analysis of information.

Terrorism and radicalization  has changed the international security landscape and challenged conventional responses. Countering terrorism and violent extremism and preventing the radicalization of vulnerable individuals and groups is now a central and enduring focus for many governments and security agencies. Strategika Group has extensive experience in the development of comprehensive and coordinated response mechanisms and systems to identify, mitigate and prevent threats to states, corporations and communities. We operate in a range of sectors including security, defence, aviation, maritime, and customs.

Security and Governance