Strategika Group Asia Pacific is an international geopolitical risk and security analysis consultancy group that provides bespoke advice to governments, corporations and institutions in the Asia Pacific and beyond.  We offer our clients independent strategic and policy advice, security intelligence and analysis, and evidence-based research on geopolitical risk and security issues. Recognising the imperative to provide clients with the knowledge required to mitigate and respond to evolving geopolitical and security needs, Strategika Group combines diverse technical and policy expertise with in-depth cultural analysis, field experience, and academic rigor. 

Strategika Group was established in 2016 incorporating Stratcon Asia Pacific Strategy and Security which was formed in 2009. The merger reflected the increasing demand for tailored expert solutions to complex and evolving challenges within the region and beyond. Strategika Group is meeting these challenges through the provision of bespoke services delivered by our highly-skilled team of practitioners, academics and subject matter experts.


Strategika Group's vision is to contribute to understanding and solving the myriad of challenges faced today which impact on peace and security at the local and global levels. Our team has direct and in-depth knowledge of the consequences of insecurity and violence in conflicts across the globe and this drives Strategika Group's commitment to a shared philosophy of integrity - collaboration - excellence - innovation.


Strategika Group's approach is underpinned by principled, responsible and ethical engagement. This ethos informs how and why we engage.


At the heart of Strategika Group is a shared commitment to collaboration, the fundamental importance of relationships, and the ability to understand issues from diverse and complex perspectives. 


Achieving excellence is the driving force behind Strategika Group's overarching mission. This is achieved through the delivery of  bespoke services which meet our clients needs by going the extra distance. 


Strategika Group prides itself in innovative and creative solutions to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges.